Robot Wars

The robots are coming!

Meet the new show that features 40 combat Robots, build by competitors, fighting in the purpose-built arena to be a crowned champion. The rules are strict and only winners of 5 qualifying episodes and one runner-up, chosen by the judges, will enter The Grand Final (Episode 6). Follow the rough battles to find out who will become the king of the arena.

But be on the alert!

There are four house robots in the arena, upgraded and evolved for a new season, ready to destroy the robots of participants. They have become heavier, stronger and even more brutal than ever. Watch the show to find out who will withstand their power.


The heaviest, the strongest and totally ruthless robot. Sir Killalot can lift 300kg with each of his arms, that is the weight of almost 3 competitor robots. Who dares to fight him?

Super strong Armox armour
Hydraulic claws with 2.5 tonnes of crush force.
A rotating drill lance and jaw
741 kg
10 mph
Pincer grip
2.5 tons
Arm lift
300 kg


The terrific queen of the battle arena. Now she is 200kg heavier, almost twice faster and full of rage to destroy.

A vertical flywheel weapon weighing 35kg which spins 25 times per second
Head is powered by CO2 and can lift 1.5 tonnes.
Pneumatic flipping tusks.
750 kg
14 mph
Head lift
1.5 tons
25 tps


A masterpiece of engineering, the great destroyer. His saw spins at 340kph and will cut through even the toughest armour. Better to stay away from him in the arena.

A circular saw which rotates at 4000rpm and is 450mm wide.
CO2 power driven pincers which are 1.4m wide with 300kg grip.
343 kg
13 mph
Saw Spin
34 kph
Pincer Grip
300 kg


He will push and he will crash. Shunt is equipped with titanium tipped axe with a tonne of force. His new high torque drive has enough power to tow a van.

CO2 powered titanium axe which fires at the speed of 0.25 second
Front ramming plough.
Rear bucket scoop with high pushing power of 350k
327 kg
11 mph
Hardbox Bucket
300 kg